Heaven Scent

This is one of those that I've read before, I just didn't remember the plot anymore, so I decided to read it again. Liza is a senior in high school, but her life has already changed from how she's planned things. Her father was offered a partnership in a law firm before the start of her senior year and they moved to be closer to work for him, but that put Liza into a new high school and more importantly basketball program. But her father has been working almost nonstop, he didn't even make it to her championship basketball game, which her team was able to win with a couple of free throws from Liza. Winning the game was great for Liza, it got her a visit with one of the recruiters from the college that she would love to go to, Oak, and it made the boy that she's had a crush on the whole year notice her, but will that be enough when her father's job threatens her whole family and existence, or will it not be? I really enjoyed this book, it was almost like I was reading it for the first time, because I really didn't remember much of anything about this book. It was a sweet story, and I found myself crying near the end, definitely worth reading!