Forbidden Sea

I know the cover of this book looks a little odd, my husband asked if I was reading a scary book, but I LOVED this book. This book is about Adrianne, she has a little sister Cecily and her mom and Aunt Minnah live with them too. Cecily has vanished, she's mad that they are going to have to try to sell her dog, but the night is dark and stormy and no one knows where she's gone. Adrianne is sure that she's gone to her own favorite spot at the sea, but none of the search party believes her or will go there themselves on such a stormy night. Adrianne goes to the sea and she does find her sister, but she also finds a mermaid who tries to drag her into the sea, this encounter makes Adrianne faint and she doesn't wake up for 3 days, when she does wake up she finds scratches on her hand. These scratches appear deep and they don't seem to be healing the way they should be. Pretty soon the whole island decides that Adrianne has been marked by a mermaid the same way a young girl was a hundred years earlier and the prejudices against her are still just as strong as they had been for that other young girl. This was a fun book, I didn't find it scary at all. I think I'll let our 10 year old read it and see if she likes it as much as I did!