Blackberry Crumble

This is one of the culinary mysteries by Josi Kilpack, these books are so much fun! One of my favorite features of them is the recipes, they all sound so yummy. I really like that you can get a pdf file of them for free from her website! I also like that you get to read an excerpt from her next book to come out and I really like that the next book is supposed to come out in the fall. And, of course, I liked the story. Sadie is a 50 something year-old who has a talent for having murders dumped into her lap and being able to solve them. She's setting up for a luncheon with her boyfriend Pete when another murder is dropped into her lap by a woman named May, but she loses May's contact information when Pete dumps a bowlful of punch all over the table and of course the newspaper where May's phone number was. This newspaper had an article about Sadie, that she really begins to wonder about when everyone that she runs into won't look her in the eye and all of her friends seem to be gossiping about her. Pete brings her a copy, but he won't look her in the eye either and he seems to be mad at her. This article that an acquaintance named Jane wrote is not at all complimentary to Sadie, in fact, it accuses her of being a murderess herself. No wonder everyone is gossiping about her. This was a fun book, having just been to Portland, where Sadie ends up helping May, made the book even better for me. It's always fun to see whodunit with Sadie and to see what she's been eating!