Winning Mr Wrong

Charley is a clumsy girl, who has never really dated anyone for longer than 3 months. She happens to see an internet article on a way to win men's hearts with dark chocolate, hard to find gifts, compliments, nights on the town, tall buildings, funny movies, surprise intimacy, making great memories, and saying I Love You. It sounds simple enough, so Charley decides to try it out on her high school crush Max. Little does she know her handsome neighbor, Damien, that she thought would never be an option for her has already fallen in love with her. He agrees to help her with her idea to win Max, because he happens to know him too. But he has a secret about Max that he doesn't want Charley to find out about. Thus the hilarity begins. Charley tries all of the ideas from the internet with disastrous results. Just when she thinks she might finally have Max's affections she realizes that Max may not be what she wants after all. This was a cute, clean and hilarious book, I would recommend it to anyone!