Ramona Quimby, Age 8

Yet another book that I read with our 5 year-old, our 10 year-old has also been enjoying either listening to me read them, or reading them herself later. In this book, Ramona is starting 3rd grade. She's had some adjustments to make with her dad going back to school, her mom working full time and her school itself. Ramona has had to switch schools and her sister Beezus has moved on to Junior High. Ramona gets to take the bus to school now, but she still has to wait at the Kemp's house afterward for some one to get home. Poor Ramona, she doesn't have a bike like Howie and his friends so she's stuck playing with Willa Jean instead of riding bikes. It's not so fun and then she remembers her Sustained Silent Reading that she gets to do at school and it becomes an easy way to get Willa Jean to leave her alone! With a new teacher, a bunch of new friends, including Yard Ape, and a new school, Ramona is set to have an awesome year as a 3rd grader....or is she!