Ramona and Her Mother

I read this book with our 4-year-old, she's really into Ramona right now, go figure. Maybe it's the really cool Selena Gomez song at the end of the movie that she loves, I don't know, but it's been really fun to read these classic books with her! I'm not sure that I've ever even read all of these before, even in my own childhood, but they're funny and I think these still are even current economy wise. In this book Mr Quimby has just found a new job at the Shop Rite Market, which he hates, but it does help the Quimby's financial situation to have him working again. Ramona must spend most afternoons with her friend Howie, his grandmother, and Willa Jean, and of course, there's a lot of silly fun with them there. You can tell from the cover that Ramona is going to squirt toothpaste somewhere. I loved what they did with that in the movie, how they put it in a plastic bag for her to use! The book's solution was pretty good too!