Ramona and Her Father

I know we're not reading these in order, but our 4-year-old doesn't care which order we read them in and there weren't very many choices at the library this time. In the beginning of this book Ramona's father loses his job. Ramona doesn't know just how much this will impact her life at the time, but it impacts it greatly. Not just in the way you would think, although it does that way too. Ramona's family can't just go out to eat at her favorite burger restaurant even occasionally anymore. But another way it impacts Ramona is that her father is around a lot more and they kind of start to annoy each other a little bit. It seems to Ramona that her dad is always looking for the things that she does wrong, and he seems to be smoking an awful lot too. Ramona finds out from her big sister Beezus what cigarette smoke is doing to her father's lungs and she can't stand that thought. So she starts an all out war against his smoking, much to his dismay. This is a way cute book, the whole series is great, you can't go wrong reading any of them!