Pies and Prejudice

This is the newest book in a fun series where girls read classic books with their mothers and have a group discussion. These books have kind of become a traditional gift for our 10 year-old to get for Christmas. I'm grateful she's such a quick reader that I got to read it sooner than later! This book finds Emma Hawthorne and her family moving to England for a year. She's excited, but knows that she will miss her friends, her cat, and her boyfriend Stewart dearly. Her best friend, Jess, isn't quite sure what she will do without her. Right before Emma's family leaves the Mother-Daughter Book Club throws a huge going away party, they surprise Emma and her mother with the book that they are going to read for the year, Pride and Prejudice, which makes a lot of sense because the Hawthornes are going to be living right in the middle of Jane Austen's stomping grounds, in Bath England. And of course, Mrs Hawthornes favorite book is Pride and Prejudice. Emma's year in England is fun, but of course, she has to meet a "Queen Bee," and you won't ever believe all the crazy things that happen to the girls of the Mother-Daughter book club in their freshman year of high school! This was a way fun book, the whole series has been fun to read, and it's quite easy, because it's written for older elementary school girls.