The Pharaoh's Daughter

This book is the second book about Isabelle Webb, I could tell that I should have reread the first one before starting this book, because I had a really hard time remembering the first book at all. Anyway, if you can't tell from the cover this book takes place in Egypt, but I really wasn't sure what time period as I read the book. I thought from some of the things they said that it was supposed to be awhile ago, but I wasn't quite sure when. They did talk about the girls wearing corsets, but that was later on in the book. Anyway, Isabelle, her kind of boyfriend, James and his brother Phillip are looking for some girls who were kidnapped in India. One of them is Isabelle's ward Sally, the other is a girl who doesn't yet know she's an orphan named Alice. What they don't know is that their enemy is already in Egypt. He's looking for a special stone called the Jewel of Zeus, which only people with a special birthmark are supposed to be able to find, which Phillip has. This birthmark looks like a star and burns and itches when the person is in close proximity to the stone. What he doesn't know is that Isabelle and James already have found it. None of them know that Alice carries the birthmark also. They set off on an expedition to dig for an Egyptian tomb, they all feel that this is the chance of a lifetime, little do they know, it may be the end of their lifetime. I enjoyed this book, I would definitely recommend reading the first one, Legend of the Jewel, first!