Palace Beautiful

This book was written by a local author, I've been waiting forever for them to get it at the library and they finally did! This book is intended for tweens, but I really enjoyed it too! Sadie (13) and Zuzu (9) have just moved from Texas to Salt Lake City to be near the grandmother who is getting older. They live in a really old house and they have a neighbor Bella, who likes to come and play. One day while they are playing in the attic, they come across a little secret room with the words Palace Beautiful written across the doorway. Also in the little room, they find a journal, a very old picture, and a very old necklace. Reading the journal they find that the room was 13 year-old Helen White's favorite hiding place and her Palace Beautiful. Helen lived in Sadie and Zuzu's house in 1918, during the terrible flu outbreak and that's a lot of what she talked about in her journal. The normal details of their lives, the flu outbreak and how their family was affected by it. This was a really neat book, that's one period of history that I've always kind of wondered about! I can't wait to let our 10 year-old read it too!