Midway to Heaven

I read this book when it originally came out a few years ago, but now the movie's coming out pretty soon, and I couldn't remember the plot, so I decided to read it again. Ned is a normal father, he lost his wife, Kate, a couple of years before and his youngest daughter Liz is going to BYU. If you can't tell from the title, Ned lives in Midway. One day right before Thanksgiving Liz tells Ned that she's going to be bringing a friend who can't go home to their Thanksgiving dinner. What she neglects to tell him is that she's been dating the guy she's bringing home and that she's pretty sure that she's in love with him and will be marrying him. She wants him to meet David first and form an opinion for himself without any input from Liz. David seems way to perfect to Ned. He likes to run hard and far, cook and he's trying and talking about learning to be humble. Needless to say, the weekend doesn't go well and includes some lying to Ned on the part of Liz and David. This one is full of hilarious situations and a very sweet romance, both for Liz and Ned!