The Lost Hero

We had this book on hold at the library for so long, about 6 months I think. (I think there's actually still about 450 hold on this book, so we'll hurry and get it back so everyone can read it!) This book was definitely worth the wait. Jason wakes up on a bus, with a bunch of kids, obviously a school field trip, but he has no idea how he got there. Leo thinks he's Jason's best friend and he wonders why he's acting so weird. Piper thinks she's Jason's girlfriend, but he doesn't seem to even like her anymore. But both Leo and Piper have secrets. Piper can talk people into giving her things and Leo can build almost anything you can imagine. Their teacher Coach Hedge seems like a normal if gruff and mean teacher, Until a bunch of monsters led by the "cool" boy in school attack on their field trip to the Grand Canyon, then he turns into a Satyr. But luckily Annabeth rescues them. She thought she was going to be rescuing Percy, because he's disappeared. Stranger and stranger things keep happening. Pretty soon it's up to Jason, Leo and Piper to save the world. This is a fun new series with a lot of the same characters as the Percy Jackson series that will leave you ready for the next book!