The Kiss of a Stranger

Kay, so I have a confession to make. I started to read this book last night at about 6:30 or 7 by about 10 (with stops in between to get the kids to bed) when I was pretty tired from my cough medicine, I only had 22 pages left to read. I could not see straight, medicine does really nasty things to me, so I went to bed with just a few pages left. I finished it this morning, and bumped the book I was going to talk about today until tomorrow! This book was awesome, I LOVED it! The book is set in England, around Jane Austen's time, my absolute favorite time period! Crispin is a very eligible bachelor, so eligible in fact that all the mothers are chasing him for their daughters, and all the daughters are chasing them on their own too! He goes to the country to escape just one such young lady, Miss Bower, but she follows him. She's following him around a garden hinting that he should ask her to marry him, when he spies a way out of this dreadful situation. He sees someone that he takes for a servant, a beautiful servant, and he kisses her, which he quite enjoys until interrupted by a gentleman's voice. This gentleman tells him that he is kissing his niece and insists that she is compromised and that Crispin must marry her. This man proceeds to slap the girl, Catherine, several times in Crispin's presence. Crispin decides that he must marry her to protect her from further abuse and plans to get an annulment at a later time. The problem begins when he realizes that he likes kissing her, but it seems that she wants an annulment. She thinks that he wants to be rid of her, so she tries not to fall for him. Meanwhile his sister, Lizzie, comes up with a plan for Catherine to marry Crispin's best friend, so that they may both choose who they marry. Crispin hates this idea, because by now he's fallen in love with Catherine. But will they be able to share their feelings or will their marriage be dissolved before they can!