I've really enjoyed the Rhea Jensen series by Sheralyn Pratt, they've all been super good, funny and clean. And Sheralyn is a genuinely nice person, so I had to laugh when I found out that the latest book was banned by Deseret Book and Seagull Book. That basically just means that they won't carry this book in their stores, but you can special order it. I thought that it was fun to go into the store and special order their banned book. But, I digress! This book is told completely from Kay's perspective. I really liked how at the start of the chapters there was a bit from Kay's memories of before she met Rhea. There's been a murder, and Kay's the one assigned to cover it, but the officer in charge of talking to the media on this case is none other than Ken Dahl, of course, Kay and Ken have a bit of a history, but you'd have to read previous books to know that. Kay has to talk Ken into helping her out as she searches for evidence as to who murdered the woman, this becomes a problem as Ken is avoiding her as much as he can. I really liked the part where Ben comes to Utah and knocks Ken out for saying something mean about Kay. I guess I can understand why Deseret Book banned this book, it does talk about Kay being raped. Pretty much all it says was that she was, I thought that it was pretty tame for a banned book. No swearing or anything else. I loved it and I like Kay even more now that I know a little more about her!