Farm Fresh Murder

I happened to see this book spotlighted in a magazine a couple of months ago, I think it was the Wasatch Woman one that comes with the newspaper. It was written by a woman that lives here in Utah, so I thought that I'd try it out! Becca works at Bailey's Farmer's Market, which her twin sister Allison manages, she makes jams and preserves on her farm that her aunt and uncle left to her when they died. One day she's running late getting her preserves to Bailey's when Allison calls her and tells her to get there urgently. Little did she know that what awaited her was the murder of a man that she really didn't know. Matt had only worked there a week or two, but he's already had a heated discussion with Abner Justen, one that was seen and heard by several witnesses. So when he's killed Abner, who's like a father to Becca, is the number one suspect. Especially when he disappears. Becca can't just let Abner go to jail for killing someone she doesn't believe that he's killed, so she takes matters into her own hands, and of course, she's nearly killed herself! I enjoyed this book. It did have some language, more of the farmer kind, which doesn't bother me as much as say the f-word, more on that tomorrow!