Cross My Heart

Jillian lives happily in LA, with her boyfriend and her advertising job. Her boyfriend Jack convinces her that she needs to take part in a Love Study, but doesn't tell her it's all a setup to see if she's still in love with her ex fiancée from Boston, Geoffrey. The test results show that she's still in love with Geoffrey and Jack wants nothing else to do with Jillian, which works out just as well because she wants nothing else to do with him either. At work the next day Jillian finds out that she's being transferred to Boston to go up against a different ad agency that just happens to include her ex. The whole reason she moved to LA in the first place was that he stole her ad idea and promotion that she should have had. On the plane she meets Allen, he demeans her profession because his ex fiancée dumped him for an advertising executive. Little do they know that the advertising executive that his fiancée dumped him for was Geoffrey. This starts off a crazy love square that causes all sorts of problems for both couples. Can they work things out in the end??? You'll have to read it yourself to find out. This was a super fun book, I really enjoyed all the crazy things that happened to Jillian on her way to Love!