Chocolate Roses

I read Jane Eyre as a girl and I really liked it, so when I saw that this was a parody on that book I was excited to read it. Janie and her sister own a little chocolate shop, Chocolate Art Forever, that makes chocolate creations including roses. Every Tuesday Roger Wentworth comes into her shop and orders a chocolate rose to be delivered to a woman at a care center. Janie has fallen for him, she's never really talked to him so she doesn't know whether he's married or not. When he moves into the apartment next to hers with his young daughter, Emily, she starts to feel that there may be a chance for them as a couple someday. Someone is following him around, so Janie helps out with Emily, and falls even more in love with both the man and his daughter. That is, until she learns that he's married. His wife is nuts so they don't live together, but he obviously still loves her. Then there's her calling on the Activities Committee. There's never a dull moment in Janie's life with that calling. This was kind of a fun book, it did seem a little bit dark to me, but I did like it.