The Broken Road

I LOVED this book! I loved it so much that I started rereading it this morning! I love Shannon Guymon's characters, they are exactly the kind that I love to read about, who seem like they're old friends, and they keep showing up in her books so that you can find out what happens to them! Allison has moved back to Alpine to take care of her younger brother and sister, but Allison has no friends in Alpine. You see, she moved there because she figured it would be the last place on earth their dad would look for them. He committed a huge scam in Alpine 5 years ago, and everyone there hates him, because he took their money and ran away to Texas with it. They hate Allison, her brother Talon, and her sister Aspen too, but Allison figures that it's better to be hated and not have any friends than it is to risk being found somewhere else by their father. Allison hadn't realized just how bad it would be, though she does on the first day of school when Talon gets yelled at by a guy he's never met before. Things seem to be looking up when she's able to convince a girl from high school that she's never hated her and didn't mean to hurt her feelings, and then she runs into Will Carson, the boy that she was in love with in high school and realizes that hurt feelings run deep, even when you were trying to protect the people that you loved. This book is funny, sweet, romantic and just awesome!