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Mr Darcy Broke My Heart

This was the second of the Pride and Prejudice spin offs, I was really hoping that it would leave off where Jane Austen Ruined My Life ended. Unfortunately it didn't, but fortunately it was a good story. Claire has gone to a Pride and Prejudice conference in England in place of her pregnant sister. She's supposed to present the paper that her sister has written, but she's not so sure that she believes all the Mr Darcy stuff. She figures that he's not really all that great. Then she meets James and regardless of her boyfriend Neil, she kind of pictures him as her own personal Darcy. She knows that she should tell him about Neil, but it's just a summer fling, right?But when her past comes to meet her future, she learns more about herself than she would have ever thought possible. And she learns how to move forward to meet her future. I really enjoyed this book, I liked the ending of this one, it seemed to really fit Claire!

Chocolate Never Faileth

Okay, I know this is a cookbook. This is one of the books that I got for Christmas. It's awesome, I was reading through it the other day. It has every chocolate recipe you could ever want (and probably more!) Things from Chocolate Waffles, Mousse, Pudding, Cakes and Brownies, Cookies to things that you would never eat like Lip gloss and chocolate smelling play dough. It also has tons of chocolate trivia, stories people have written to Annette Lyon about chocolate and cute quotes. I really do have to recommend this one. I can't wait to try some recipes out of it!

Jane Austen Ruined My Life

I told you I was going to read a couple more Jane Austen Spin-Offs and here is the first. Emma is a college professor, who happened to walk in on her college professor husband and her teaching assistant on their dining room table in a "compromising position." She divorced him right away, of course, but this leaves her hating Jane Austen. You see, she feels that Jane Austen had promised her that as soon as she got married she would have tons of happiness to follow her for the rest of her life. Little did she know! She had been getting letters from a little old lady who lives in England promising to show her Jane Austen's letters, but there are certain conditions. One of those being that she must never tell any one else about them. One problem, Emma's career was ruined by her teacher's assistant and she can't see any other way to get her good name back, then by publishing the Jane Austen letters. This was a fun book, I enjoyed it, except I really didn…

Romantic Vignettes

This was a collection of 3 of Marcia Lynn McClure's short stories that she started out writing for friends and family. The Unobtainable One is kind of your typical nanny falls in love with Lord of the Manor story. I enjoyed the characters in this one Annette Jordan as the nanny with the sweet young Drea as her little charge falls in love with Lord Gareth Barrett, but there's also the lovely next door neighbor Dianna who has already decided that Gareth will be hers and she will go to any length to make it so. This was a fun light hearted story. I enjoyed it! The General's Ambition is the story of Renee, she's 17 when her father, a physician dies and he tells her on his deathbed that she's to marry Roque Montan, who she's secretly idolized since she was a child, to keep her from going into the Orphan's Asylum. Little do they know when they got married that his father has been scheming to get to Renee for quite a while. I found this story to be a little d…

Right Click

This book is a couple of years old, I actually read it when it came out, but I forgot. I remembered when I started reading it that I had already read it, but it was a cute one and worth reading again. Sarah is having a hard time getting over her ex-fiancée Kyle. He left her 6 weeks before they were supposed to get married because his ex-girlfriend was pregnant with his baby. She's just bought a house, partly using his money, and her little sister Ruth is trying to get her to sign up for an online dating service She doesn't want to sign up for a dating service, yuck! So she tries to blunder her way along on her own. Little does she know that she hasn't forgiven Kyle yet and she won't be able to let someone new into her heart until she does. This was a fun read, I enjoyed it, even the second time!

The Windswept Flame

This book is the sequel to yesterday's book, Weathered too Young. This story is about Tom Evans, he's got Amelia Perkins chasing after him, but she's not his type. Then Cedar Dale moves back into town, her hearts been broken. Her dad and fiancée were killed defending her honor 2 years before and she hasn't been able to get over it yet. That changes as soon as she sees Tommy Evans again. She had chased after him as a child, but she never believed that he wouldn't already be married. She literally bumped into her in town and within a week, her mother had lied to Lucas Pratt and told him that Tom Evans had asked to court Cedar. This was a fun, light-hearted romance. I really enjoy these kind of romances!

Weathered too Young

This is another one of those books from the library with the hearts on the side. I enjoyed this story, it was sweet and clean and romancy. I know that's not a word, but I'm going to use it anyway! Lark is a young girl trying to find her way in the world. She's an orphan and is out west trying to find a job so that she can have shelter for the winter. She's tried everywhere in town, but no one seems to need one more person to help them for the winter. Then she hears about two bachelor's whose housekeeper has just died. That sounds about perfect to Lark, she knows how to cook and clean! Then she meets them, Slater is grumpy and doesn't think that his younger brother Tom should have hired such a young girl to do their work. As soon as she's made dinner, though, he decides that it won't be so bad to have a young girl around who knows how to cook better than a couple of "old" bachelors.

Pollyanna Grows Up

I had to read the sequel to Pollyanna after I read the first book last week. I was not disappointed. This was a fun book about what happened after Pollyanna's accident and being made well again at the sanitarium. Pollyanna is asked to live in Boston with Mrs Carew to bring some sunshine into her life and as her Aunt Polly Chilton is going to be in Germany with her new husband Dr Chilton it works out very nicely. But things are different in Boston. No one seems to want to get to know anyone else or even look at them. There are strange new stores and even a strange thing called a park. And of course there are new friends like Jerry, Jamie and Sadie to look after. It's fun to see some of these things through Pollyanna's cheerful eyes!

A Darcy Christmas

I've been enjoying reading the Pride and Prejudice spinoffs lately. I have a couple more that I hope to be able to read next week, I guess I'll have to see how much I get done with both kids home all week next week! This book is kind of a compilation of 3 different stories by 3 different authors. The first one is Mr Darcy's Christmas Carol. Mr Darcy is basically Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. His father comes to see him and tell him to mend his ways. He tells him of the 3 Ghosts that will visit him. The second story is Christmas Present, which kind of details the first Christmas of Jane and Elizabeth post marriage. They both have their first children. Jane a boy and Elizabeth a girl. The last story is A Darcy Christmas that talks about multiple Christmases of the Darcy family from Pre-marriage to their first child being married. I enjoyed the first 2 stories in this the most. I wasn't sure that the last story was true to Jane Austen's style. That's s…

Every Graceful Fancy

I wasn't sure that I wanted to read this newest and last volume of the Dickens Inn series, because I didn't like the last one as well, but I figured that it was the last one. I don't like to leave things undone. I'm glad that I read this one. The story doesn't just focus on Chas and Jackson and their problems, which I thought was just as well, because their problems were getting monotonous! This story is mostly about Kate, she's unwed and expecting her first child, but not for the reasons her mother thinks. Her mother makes her a reservation at the Dickens Inn as a place for her to finish her pregnancy and have her baby where her mother doesn't have to deal with any of the embarrassment of having her friends all know that Kate is having a baby. Kate and Chas become great friends, almost like sisters. Of course, there has to be a love interest for Kate and that's where Mick comes in, but you'll have to read that for yourselves! I enjoyed this…

Ramona the Pest

Has anyone not seen the awesome movie made from these books and released recently??? If you haven't you really should, our girls LOVED it. They've watched it 4 or 5 times already and keep wanting to watch it. Even my husband liked it, it really wasn't like it was a kid's movie. These books are classics. I read them when I was a kid, my oldest daughter loved them and I just finished reading this one to our 4 year-old. She enjoyed finding out just what Ramona would do. In this book Ramona has just started Kindergarten, she loves her teacher Miss Binney and all is right with her world. But of course, things don't stay right for long. Ramona is always doing something to get her into trouble. She doesn't mean to be bad, she's just learning her place in the world. Her older sister Beezus and all the older kids on her street call her a pest, though she isn't sure why. From getting her rain boots stuck in the mud, to pulling Susan's boinging curls…

Beneath the Honeysuckle Vine

This book is set during and right after the Civil War in a little town in Alabama. A lot of the people in this little town started out sympathetic to the Union, but by the end of the war had kind of changed which side they were on. Vivianna is a young girl at the start of the war in love with Caleb. On the day that Caleb and his brother Justin leave for the war they both kiss Vivianna goodbye, but Justin's kiss holds way more passion. Vivi and Justin exchange heartfelt letters throughout his time away and her passion and love for him grows, but when the war ends with no more word from Justin, she's afraid that he will never come back from the war just like her own brothers. This was not one of my favorites by Marcia Lynn McClure, it seemed that the plot didn't move very fast, I kept wanting to skip ahead and get to the good part.


Kay, so I'm ready to let you in on my weakness! I LOVE Marcia Lynn McClure books. They usually have the hearts on the side when you check them out from the library and my husband always makes fun of me. These are clean romances, there's never anything in them other than just kissing, no swearing and nothing that you have to be embarrassed about reading. This one was about Saylor, she's an 18 year-old candy striper who dreams of one day falling in love with her boss, who she doesn't even know yet, because her boss is her grandfather. Then she meets the new patient at the rehabilitation center, Bo Booker, and he's all she can daydream about. This was a really fun book, with some really funny parts. I read it in just a couple of hours, it was a nice diversion!


I really don't have any idea what's been going on with this week, but this is the first chance I've had to sit down and talk about this book. Who didn't love the Disney movie Pollyanna as a kid. I stumbled across this book in the children's section of the library last week, while I was helping my daughter pick some books. This book was a best seller in it's time. I can't believe I'd never thought to look for it before now! This book is a lot like the movie, I was so thrilled! The book is about the perpetually happy girl Pollyanna, who is glad about everything. Her parent's have both died and she's sent to live with her Aunt Polly, who is not used to having children around. Her life is turned upside down when Pollyanna comes to live with her. I loved this book, it was great!

The Stone Traveler

Tag and his mom are on their own, his dad and younger brother left them a few years ago. Tag is trying to make it through his teenage years without a father's guiding influence and with a name like Tag, what are you going to do but paint some graffiti. This got him noticed by a gang called Prime, who desperately want him to join them, but he refuses even when they try to beat up his cousin Ethan. His mom decides to get him away from the gang problems by sending him to stay with his grandpa in a backwoods cabin and that's when the fun starts. He meets some men and ends up stealing this stone from them, this stone lights up when he's holding it and sends him back to the Book of Mormon lands, the time of Samuel the Lamanite. This was a really fun book, I enjoyed reading how the author portrays this time period in the Book of Mormon.