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Sorcerers and Seers

I finally finished this book! It took me a whole week, I'm not sure why, but there may be 3 reasons. I really haven't had as much time to read lately, I'm really unsure of why! This book was about 500 pages, and the endnotes after each chapter were way long. I kind of like reading endnotes but 6, 7, 8 pages of endnotes seems a little excessive to me. The last few chapters I was skipping them. This is the 11th book in the Tennis Shoes series that started forever ago, I remember reading them as they were new when I was in high school, but it's been about 5 years since the last one came out. I found that a disadvantage. Who has time to go back and read the first 10 before reading this one, not me! I did enjoy the story line, but I was saddened that it ended with the words "To be continued..." I really hope that we don't have to wait another 5 years to find out what happens to Jim and Harry Hawkins and their families!

Tranquil Light

This is another Dickens Inn novel by Anita Stansfield. I find that I am getting really tired of the problems that Chas and Jackson have. It seems as though they are exactly the same from novel to novel. I guess they haven't been exactly the same but pretty close. This novel finds Jackson's ex love interest dying. The death hits him pretty hard and he retreats into his shell (yet again.) Chas is uncertain whether she will get her husband back or not. At the same time she's trying to deal with a large group of ladies at the Inn and all the problems that they brought with them. I'm not sure I would recommend this one, maybe for die hard fans of Anita Stansfield.

The Red Pyramid

This book is by the author of the Percy Jackson series, it was just as good as the Percy Jackson books, in fact, my 9 year-old daughter has been begging me to finish this book since I started reading it on Friday, she thinks it's her turn! This is a new series about Carter and Sadie Kane. Their mom had died several years before the opening of this story, leaving Carter and their dad alone, and Sadie living with her grandparents in England. Sadie's dad was able to visit with her just 2 times a year, and it was Christmas Eve, his visitation day as this story opens. He takes them to a museum and blows himself and the Rosetta stone up. The kids are terrified, left alone with the police accusing them of blowing up a very old artifact. Their Uncle Amos that neither of them remembered meeting shows up to take them to Brooklyn, but he quickly disappears and the kids learn the truth about themselves from his library, but will they ever see him or their father again. This was a …

The Silence of God

I wasn't sure about this book.  It's historical fiction about Russia in the 1900's.  The book is about a real family, the Lindlofs.  They are a wealthy family who happened to be the first and only Latter-Day Saint family in Russia.  The book starts off with a prayer of dedication of the country, in this prayer the Tsar Nicholas was blessed, and in that first little bit of the book, I knew exactly what was going to happen in the end.  Of course, I didn't know the twists and turns the book was going to take in getting to that point, but the Tsar Nicholas was the father of Anastasia, and of course, their whole family was murdered, such a sad story, but I digress.  I did enjoy this book, it was sad, but it was good.  The Lindlofs lived in a very tumultuous time in Russian history, the government was over run by the Bolsheviks, it would have been a very scary and unsettled time for anyone living in the country, but much worse for anyone that believed in God.  The Bolsheviks…

Luck of the Draw

Yesterday was another super busy day, I meant to talk about this book, but I simply didn't have time!  This book was written by Rachael Renee Anderson, I really loved her first book, Divinely Designed, so I was way excited to read this book, and I wasn't disappointed, it was great!  Brighton is in college at BYU-Idaho, he and his roommates have a tradition that they each take turns for.  They have to ask out a girl of the other roommates choosing, and if they get turned down they lose and have to do the other's laundry, but if they complete the bet they have their laundry done.  Well, Brighton has to ask out 3 roommates and date them each twice without the other girls finding out.  Of course he thinks it's going to be a piece of cake, but then he meets them!  There's Kathrine, Dani, and Sandy.  Dani is a bit of an issue, because he had knocked her down on the way to class, plus she has her own other issues with Brighton.  I enjoyed this book, it was a way fun read!…

Defensive Tactics

This is the first book for Steve Westover, but I definitely hope that he writes more!  This was a fun book.  It's about Paul and Emily, they both work for the FBI, their sort of friend Jimmy is down on his luck and shows up creating all sorts of trouble for their budding relationship.  Emily is working on a special case that she can't tell anyone about with her jerk of a boss, but when that is compromised she must talk to someone she can trust.  Paul and Jimmy both help her to figure out which way she needs to go with the case.  This was a page turner, and I really loved Emily, she was such a great character, funny, happy, spunky!  This one was definitely worth reading!

A Time to Die

This book is the 3rd book of the Shandra Covington mystery series.  I know that I read and enjoyed these books when they came out a few years ago, but I had a hard time remembering what had happened in the books.  This book pretty well figures that everyone has just read the other two books and knows what happened in them, so there are some parts where you are trying to figure things out.  I enjoyed the story line though.  Shandra is a reporter with the Deseret News and her best friend, Bobby, has just been shot in her apartment.  He's in the hospital in critical condition and his fiancĂ©e, Brooklyn throws a huge fit about Shandra seeing him.  Shandra is not sure what to do, she feels horrible about Bobby getting shot, and feels it's her fault that it happened.  And then, they start finding the bodies.  Shandra must figure out who the killer is and stop him before she is killed herself.  I enjoyed this book, I think maybe I need to go back and re-read the first 2 books to have …


I LOVE the show Glee, so when I saw this at Powell's in Portland I had to buy it.  I liked the story line, but again, writers need to use more imaginative words than swear words.  I've read and heard worse, of course, it was tame that way, but it really bugs me.  Last weekend we went to Oregon on a family trip, they have this great bookstore called Powell's.  It was HUGE!  There are so many books, it's just like a library.  They have new books, and used books.  You can sell them your books, you can sit in the store and read for however long you want, and then put the book you were reading on a re-shelving cart and leave!  It was great. I took a few pictures, but they don't really do it justice.  These are two of the seven or eight large rooms that make up Powell's!  Of course, I had to buy some new books, which I hope to be able to read and talk about in the next couple of weeks!

Sorry about the crazy pictures on this page, I really don't like the new editor…

Blink of an Eye

This is the book that I read on the airplane on our vacation to Portland the other day, more about that tomorrow. This book is about Joseph, he is in a terrible car accident, hit by a cement truck. He was in a coma for 3 weeks, he had some injuries, the worst being head trauma. He had always thought that he had a pretty normal childhood, but was unable to remember anything before his 10th birthday. After his accident he started having night terrors, about his family. He's not sure if the things he dreams really happen or if he's going crazy. His dreams are not pleasant and they seem to show a much more sinister past than he ever dreamed he would have. I liked this book, I had a hard time finding large blocks of time to read, so it seemed a little fragmented, but I was able to follow the story line just fine.


I really enjoy these vampire books. I was about 3/4 of the way done with this one when I got Mockingjay and a few others. They were only 2 week check outs from the library so I put this one on hold, because it's mine and I don't have to take it back. This is the 3rd book in the Twilight series. Edward is back and Bella is trying to balance being friends with Jacob and Edward's girlfriend. She's having a hard time, because they both hate each other and neither of them trusts the other. Alice's seeing the future messes up her plans to go see Jacob several times, and of course, Bella wants to be a vampire, while Edward thinks she should not become one. There's plenty of conflict in this book. I LOVE how exciting the story line is. I can't wait to see the movie, it's the only one I haven't seen yet, but I don't believe the movie will be as good as the book is!


I don't know what it is with this week, but I have had no time! I've been working on this book since Monday, and I'm not sure if I just haven't been as into it as I should have been, or if life's just been super crazy, maybe a little of both. Anyway, I had some misgivings about reading this book, but I read the first one and kind of wanted to know what happened to the characters. In the first book of this series, Wondrous Strange, Kelli learns that she is a fairy princess. This book finds her without her boyfriend Sonny in New York, where she lives and works as an actress. She is attacked a couple of times in Central Park, which is not a good place for her to be in the first place. I like the story line of these books, the problem I have is that the author must be using up all her imagination on plot line, so she has none left to think of non swear words. That kind of thing really bugs me, there are all kinds of other wonderful words out there. I probably w…