Beneath the Honeysuckle Vine

This book is set during and right after the Civil War in a little town in Alabama. A lot of the people in this little town started out sympathetic to the Union, but by the end of the war had kind of changed which side they were on. Vivianna is a young girl at the start of the war in love with Caleb. On the day that Caleb and his brother Justin leave for the war they both kiss Vivianna goodbye, but Justin's kiss holds way more passion. Vivi and Justin exchange heartfelt letters throughout his time away and her passion and love for him grows, but when the war ends with no more word from Justin, she's afraid that he will never come back from the war just like her own brothers. This was not one of my favorites by Marcia Lynn McClure, it seemed that the plot didn't move very fast, I kept wanting to skip ahead and get to the good part.