Ramona the Pest

Has anyone not seen the awesome movie made from these books and released recently??? If you haven't you really should, our girls LOVED it. They've watched it 4 or 5 times already and keep wanting to watch it. Even my husband liked it, it really wasn't like it was a kid's movie. These books are classics. I read them when I was a kid, my oldest daughter loved them and I just finished reading this one to our 4 year-old. She enjoyed finding out just what Ramona would do. In this book Ramona has just started Kindergarten, she loves her teacher Miss Binney and all is right with her world. But of course, things don't stay right for long. Ramona is always doing something to get her into trouble. She doesn't mean to be bad, she's just learning her place in the world. Her older sister Beezus and all the older kids on her street call her a pest, though she isn't sure why. From getting her rain boots stuck in the mud, to pulling Susan's boinging curls, you'll love to read about Ramona and why she's such a pest!