Mr Darcy Broke My Heart

This was the second of the Pride and Prejudice spin offs, I was really hoping that it would leave off where Jane Austen Ruined My Life ended. Unfortunately it didn't, but fortunately it was a good story. Claire has gone to a Pride and Prejudice conference in England in place of her pregnant sister. She's supposed to present the paper that her sister has written, but she's not so sure that she believes all the Mr Darcy stuff. She figures that he's not really all that great. Then she meets James and regardless of her boyfriend Neil, she kind of pictures him as her own personal Darcy. She knows that she should tell him about Neil, but it's just a summer fling, right?But when her past comes to meet her future, she learns more about herself than she would have ever thought possible. And she learns how to move forward to meet her future. I really enjoyed this book, I liked the ending of this one, it seemed to really fit Claire!