Jane Austen Ruined My Life

I told you I was going to read a couple more Jane Austen Spin-Offs and here is the first. Emma is a college professor, who happened to walk in on her college professor husband and her teaching assistant on their dining room table in a "compromising position." She divorced him right away, of course, but this leaves her hating Jane Austen. You see, she feels that Jane Austen had promised her that as soon as she got married she would have tons of happiness to follow her for the rest of her life. Little did she know! She had been getting letters from a little old lady who lives in England promising to show her Jane Austen's letters, but there are certain conditions. One of those being that she must never tell any one else about them. One problem, Emma's career was ruined by her teacher's assistant and she can't see any other way to get her good name back, then by publishing the Jane Austen letters. This was a fun book, I enjoyed it, except I really didn't find the end that satisfying.