Every Graceful Fancy

I wasn't sure that I wanted to read this newest and last volume of the Dickens Inn series, because I didn't like the last one as well, but I figured that it was the last one. I don't like to leave things undone. I'm glad that I read this one. The story doesn't just focus on Chas and Jackson and their problems, which I thought was just as well, because their problems were getting monotonous! This story is mostly about Kate, she's unwed and expecting her first child, but not for the reasons her mother thinks. Her mother makes her a reservation at the Dickens Inn as a place for her to finish her pregnancy and have her baby where her mother doesn't have to deal with any of the embarrassment of having her friends all know that Kate is having a baby. Kate and Chas become great friends, almost like sisters. Of course, there has to be a love interest for Kate and that's where Mick comes in, but you'll have to read that for yourselves! I enjoyed this book. I thought it was a worthy conclusion to this series.