Murder by Design

This book is the sequel to Murder by the Book, it would be smart to read these books in order. This is the second book about Kennedy Killingsworth. Her last adventure had her finding the killer Foster Scoggins, uncle to her "friend" Luke Scoggins. In her new adventure she must discover who stole the wood from Miss George Ann Simmons' decrepit old barn. Miss George Ann can't just ask nicely, she must mention that she knew Kennedy's grandmother, which in southern custom makes Kennedy duty-bound to help Miss George Ann in anyway she can. That doesn't stop her from inviting Miss Eugenia to help her look into things, Miss Eugenia does have a way with solving cases. And then there's the artist JD that gets killed mysteriously right after Kennedy and Miss Eugenia visit him asking about the wood. This was a fun book. I really like the mysterious side. You have to figure out who did what, who killed JD, who was buying his terrible paintings, who framed Sloan and of course why did they do any of those things. I think it's fun that this is a new series with all of my favorite Haggerty characters!