Mrs Miracle

Last week I read Call Me Mrs Miracle and then I realized that it was a sequel, so I got this book from the library to read. Seth is a widowed father, he's recently gotten his twin 6 year-olds back from his in-laws, who had been raising them since their mother died. Seth is having a hard time. His children are not behaving and they've gone through multiple housekeepers in the short time they've been living with him. Just when he's reached the end of his rope, he's given a miracle. Mrs Miracle shows up on his doorstep just in time to save another one of his dinners. She brings into his life order and maybe a woman to date. Reba has never forgiven her sister for ruining her wedding 4 years earlier. Now it's Christmas and both Seth and Reba need to move on. Can they trust each other enough to do that together? I enjoyed this book, but I thought Call Me Mrs Miracle had a better story line.