Call Me Mrs Miracle

Jake Finlay has ordered 500 of what he believes will be the hottest toy for the Christmas season to sell in the toy department of Finlay's, the only problem is that his father, owner of Finlay's doesn't believe the toy will sell that many because, it's expensive and the economy is down. Enter Emily Merkle, but H R has spelled her name wrong on her name tag, it says Emily Miracle. She believes they can sell all 500 of those expensive toys in the 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, but it just might take a "Miracle" for it to happen. Along the way, Jake will meet Holly Larsen and her nephew, Gabe, who's living with her while his father is deployed. It will take a "Miracle" for everything to work for her to buy him the toy that he wants for Christmas. This was a super cute romance. It was completely clean and without any nasty language. This book is what all books should be. I highly recommend it, now if I only had the Hallmark Chanel so that I could watch the made for TV movie!!