This is another book about Traci Hunter Abramson's Saint Squad navy SEALS. I've really enjoyed reading this series, this one was kind of fun, because the first little bit was a different view of the end of the last book. I thought that was cool. Kel was shot at the end of the last book, the first thing we read about in this book, is his wife Marilyn getting the news at their home. I can't imagine how military wives feel when they see the obviously military guys getting out of their car to tell them that their husband isn't coming home. But for Marilyn they're only telling her that he's injured and in the hospital. Kel and Marilyn must learn to share, neither of them is very good at telling the other how they feel, and they're both keeping secrets. Will this pull their marriage apart, or will they be able to overcome it? You'll have to read this one to find out. I highly recommend reading these in order though, because the story may not make sense otherwise!