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Mrs Miracle

Last week I read Call Me Mrs Miracle and then I realized that it was a sequel, so I got this book from the library to read. Seth is a widowed father, he's recently gotten his twin 6 year-olds back from his in-laws, who had been raising them since their mother died. Seth is having a hard time. His children are not behaving and they've gone through multiple housekeepers in the short time they've been living with him. Just when he's reached the end of his rope, he's given a miracle. Mrs Miracle shows up on his doorstep just in time to save another one of his dinners. She brings into his life order and maybe a woman to date. Reba has never forgiven her sister for ruining her wedding 4 years earlier. Now it's Christmas and both Seth and Reba need to move on. Can they trust each other enough to do that together? I enjoyed this book, but I thought Call Me Mrs Miracle had a better story line.

It All Started With Autumn Jones

Nick Baxter signed up for a class that he knew he would have to agree with and go along with pretty much everything the professor said, at least that's what all the internet review said. He was perfectly willing to do so, even though he didn't believe how the professor does. You see, Nick is a returned missionary, and the professor is very liberal. All of this changes when Autumn Jones, a returned missionary herself is willing to stand up for what she believes in, in a very large room of people unwilling to say anything at all. Pretty soon Nick and Autumn are working together to come up with things to say that will help their professor and fellow classmates see things in the Lord's way, regardless of what their grades will be because of it. This was a very sweet book. I really enjoyed it!

My Gift to You

Trish appears to have everything anyone could ever want, a great family, nice house, and cars, but inside she's just struggling. She's given a special gift at the first of the book, by her sister-in-law who is dying from cancer. It was the gift of love. She has tried hard to give that gift to her husband, daughter, and others for the past year, but no one seems to notice or care, they all still think she's the "old" Trish, the one who is hardened by her past. Now it's Christmas time, her daughter won't talk to her, and her husband's moving out, how can Trish make herself and those around her realize that she's changed?? I had a hard time getting into this story, but when I was able to, about halfway through the book I really loved the rest. This is a powerful story about loving ourselves and letting those around us change.

Call Me Mrs Miracle

Jake Finlay has ordered 500 of what he believes will be the hottest toy for the Christmas season to sell in the toy department of Finlay's, the only problem is that his father, owner of Finlay's doesn't believe the toy will sell that many because, it's expensive and the economy is down. Enter Emily Merkle, but H R has spelled her name wrong on her name tag, it says Emily Miracle. She believes they can sell all 500 of those expensive toys in the 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, but it just might take a "Miracle" for it to happen. Along the way, Jake will meet Holly Larsen and her nephew, Gabe, who's living with her while his father is deployed. It will take a "Miracle" for everything to work for her to buy him the toy that he wants for Christmas. This was a super cute romance. It was completely clean and without any nasty language. This book is what all books should be. I highly recommend it, now if I only had the Hallmark Chanel so that I cou…

City Limits/Idle Playgrounds

This is the 3rd book in the Rhea Jensen series, I actually read City Limits this time, it replaces Idle Playgrounds in the new series. Rhea and her best friend Kay (Katherine) are on the roof of a building reporting on a "jumper" who's supposedly trying to commit suicide in downtown Salt Lake City. But something about the whole situation doesn't seem to add up to either of them, and they can't put their finger on why. So when they discover that the jumper wasn't really who he told police he was they decide to figure out who he really was and why he was up there saying that he was someone else. When some thugs show up trying to warn Rhea off of a case that she hasn't even been offered yet, she decides that she needs to find out why. And she'd better find out fast, before the bad guys try to take her, Kay, her boyfriend Ty, or her missionary Andy out. This was really a fun book. I enjoyed the rewrite, I thought that it made Rhea seem a little mor…

Mr Darcy, Vampyre

Pride and Prejudice is one of my all time favorite books, I've read lots of spin offs, this was one I happened to find on the library's website last week. It starts off on Elizabeth and Jane's wedding day, they have a double wedding, of course. They are both eager and ready to start their new lives as married women away from their very annoying mother. As soon as the weddings are over, they've had a meal at Elizabeth's and Jane's house, and they've cut the cake, Darcy is ready to leave. They had planned to tour the lake district on their wedding tour, but at the last minute Darcy decides to take Elizabeth to France. Thus starting Elizabeth's adventures to France and Italy. But Darcy seems to be acting strangely, he doesn't seem to be the man Elizabeth married and she's not sure why. None of her letters to Jane are being answered, but she determines that that's because they have been traveling all over and none have caught up with them …

Murder by Design

This book is the sequel to Murder by the Book, it would be smart to read these books in order. This is the second book about Kennedy Killingsworth. Her last adventure had her finding the killer Foster Scoggins, uncle to her "friend" Luke Scoggins. In her new adventure she must discover who stole the wood from Miss George Ann Simmons' decrepit old barn. Miss George Ann can't just ask nicely, she must mention that she knew Kennedy's grandmother, which in southern custom makes Kennedy duty-bound to help Miss George Ann in anyway she can. That doesn't stop her from inviting Miss Eugenia to help her look into things, Miss Eugenia does have a way with solving cases. And then there's the artist JD that gets killed mysteriously right after Kennedy and Miss Eugenia visit him asking about the wood. This was a fun book. I really like the mysterious side. You have to figure out who did what, who killed JD, who was buying his terrible paintings, who framed Slo…

Before My Heart Stops

Between reading this book and the Relief Society lesson in our ward yesterday, I'm pretty sure that Heavenly Father is trying to tell me in a very subtle way that I need to be more grateful for the blessings in my life. I'm sure he's right. So we are going to play the Gratitude Game for a bit and see how grateful we can be for all of life's little problems. I'm sure there's a silver lining in there somewhere! Anyway, I really enjoyed the book by Paul Cardall, if you live in Utah, you've probably heard his story. He was born with a heart that wasn't all there and it never functioned well, and by the time he was 36, it was time for a new heart. This is his story, he was on the transplant list for over a year. He never once in this book complains about his heart, he talks about all the ways he's been blessed. It was a beautiful book and well worth reading!

Beautiful Darkness

This is the sequel to Beautiful Creatures which I liked. It's the continuation of what happens to Ethan and Lena after she was supposed to be claimed on her 16th birthday, but wasn't. Now she's supposed to be claimed on her 17th birthday, but she feels as though she's killed her uncle that raised her as his own, and she just can't escape the guilt. She keeps feeling worse and worse and her eyes start to change to completely golden, a dark creature. Of course, she can't live with that because all of her relatives who are light will die. She still has a while until her 17th birthday when she will have to be claimed one way or the other, or does she?? I enjoyed this book. It was an engaging story, you want to know what happens to Ethan, Lena, Riddley and Link. I still have the same complaint that I seem to have a lot. Don't use swear words, come up with some other words to use people! This could have been worse that way, I just have a particular offence …


This is another book about Traci Hunter Abramson's Saint Squad navy SEALS. I've really enjoyed reading this series, this one was kind of fun, because the first little bit was a different view of the end of the last book. I thought that was cool. Kel was shot at the end of the last book, the first thing we read about in this book, is his wife Marilyn getting the news at their home. I can't imagine how military wives feel when they see the obviously military guys getting out of their car to tell them that their husband isn't coming home. But for Marilyn they're only telling her that he's injured and in the hospital. Kel and Marilyn must learn to share, neither of them is very good at telling the other how they feel, and they're both keeping secrets. Will this pull their marriage apart, or will they be able to overcome it? You'll have to read this one to find out. I highly recommend reading these in order though, because the story may not make sen…

1022 Evergreen Place

I read one of Debbie Macomber books earlier in the year, I really liked it so I thought that I would try another one, unfortunately, this wasn't the one that I thought I was getting. It is the latest one in the Cedar Cove series, I probably should read them in order if I'm going to, but I'm not sure that I want to read any of the others. The story line was fine, but there was far too much talk of sex for my liking. I did like that there wasn't much swearing or blaspheme.