Wuthering Heights

I love books like Pride and Prejudice, that's one of my very favorite books EVER. So, I was way excited when I found this book at Powell's on our Portland trip last month. I was finally able to read it this week. The first chapter was really slow for me, but after that I had a hard time wanting to stop reading. I've been wondering if you're actually supposed to like Catherine and Heathcliff or not, although I did like Catherine's daughter, Cathy. I really didn't like either of them and normally you are supposed to like the main characters. Anyway, this story is told from a third party view, so you don't really know what either Catherine or Heathcliff are thinking or feeling. Catherine and Heathcliff grow up together as playmates, Catherine loves Heathcliff, but never tells them. Their lives are not cosmically aligned and Catherine marries Mr Linton while Heathcliff is away. Of course, Heathcliff hates Linton and has to get back at him by marrying his only sister. I really enjoyed this book, even though I didn't like the main characters!