Reluctant Soldier, Reluctant Saint

This was a fun, easy read. I read the whole book yesterday after I finished the newest Tennis Shoes book! This is a story about James, it opens as he's emigrating from Ireland to America. He is robbed of everything he'd worked so hard to bring with him from Ireland by some boys, and tries to find a job in New York City. Unfortunately no one will hire him, he's seen as another uneducated Irishman, when just the opposite is true. He's very educated and his favorite thing to do is to read. Since he can't find work, he's essentially forced to join the army just so he can eat. He soon finds out that the army will be headed west to Utah to put down a supposed rebellion. I really enjoyed the way this book was written. It was kind of fun to see the point of view of the army instead of just the Mormon settlers point of view on this one!