Promise Me

I'm not sure this was my favorite book of Richard Paul Evans, like it says on the commercial, but it was a pretty good one. I enjoyed it, I actually read the whole thing yesterday. His books are kind of a smaller size than normal books, and there's always extra pages between the chapters, so that makes reading them easy and quick! This book is about Beth and her family, her husband Mark and daughter, Charlotte. Charlotte is sick and no one knows why, at first they think it's just the flu, but it goes on and on and never gets better. Beth works at the dry cleaners and she finds a note to her husband from another woman in his clothes pocket, so she does what any sane woman would do, she kicks him out. But, she needs help with Charlotte, especially while she's sick and Beth has to keep working at the dry cleaner. She invites Mark back, but little do they know that he's sick too. He dies from cancer within just a few months. A few months later she meets the handsome, but mysterious Matthew and she feels as though her life would never be the same!