Pieces of Paris

I had a really hard time getting into this book, I've usually enjoyed G G Vandagriff's books, but for some reason this one was harder. This is the story of Annalisse and Dennis, they seem to be happily married, but Annalisse has a secret. This secret is consuming her, she knows she should have told Dennis about her past when she married him, but she didn't and it's 4 years later. They have a son, Jordan, and a daughter on the way. Annalisse is having flashbacks that make her act differently than she normally would, will her secret break apart her marriage or will Dennis and Annalisse be able to draw closer together? I'm not sure whether I really recommend this book or not. It seemed really disjointed with Annalisse's flashbacks and Dennis's lawyer experiences, I did like the story, it just seemed really hard to get into.