Lipstick Wars

This was such a great book. It reminds me that I still haven't watched President Monson's talk from women's conference about judging each other. This book has the same message, you never know what's going on in another woman's life, so you shouldn't be judging what you can see on the outside. The book starts off with Eden being driven home by the police. What did she do? She chased her young son, Hayden, who was naked down the road wearing only a towel. Why? Well....Hayden in an escape artist. Her husband Josh was supposed to be watching him while Eden was getting herself ready for church. Too funny! Of course, her awful neighbor called the police on them, again! So the police have to turn the matter over to social services. This is the 3rd time the neighbor has called the police because Hayden has escaped. Then there's Cath, Eden thinks she's perfect and put together, but we soon find out oh so differently! I really enjoyed this book. I probably needed the reminder to watch women's conference and doubly needed the reminder not to judge others!