Cold As Ice

Abigail is a loving sister who has been trying to get her parents and her brother Derek to have a family type relationship again after 5 long years. They've finally convinced their parents to come to Derek's apartment for dinner, they have everything planned perfectly, but of course, nothing ever is perfect! Derek's terribly rude landlord, Karen, comes and blows everything by convincing his parents that all Derek is after is money for his mountain of bills that he's not been paying. His parents leave mad, and Abigail is uncertain of his motives as well. When Karen is killed within a very short period of time, things don't look good for Derek, especially considering his Jeep is seen there by someone and he found Karen but didn't tell anyone. This book is a wild ride as Abigail tries to prove to the police, herself, and her parents that there is no way Derek would ever kill anyone.