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The Legend of Shannonderry

This book starts out with Dierdre Beddows and her husband, Dierdre is about to have a baby when her husband hears rumors of her unfaithfulness to him. The shock of these rumors causes her to go into early labor, she has the baby that she names Gwyneth, and then she dies. Gwyneth grows up never really feeling love from her father, she thinks it's just because she's a girl and not the son that her father would have liked to have had instead. She loves horses and when a stranger from Ireland comes to try to buy her favorite horse and also bring her a letter from her Irish grandma she decides to go to Ireland instead of marrying the man that her father decrees that she should marry. I really liked this book, it was full of mystery and intrigue and I liked how spirited Gwyneth was!

Cold As Ice

Abigail is a loving sister who has been trying to get her parents and her brother Derek to have a family type relationship again after 5 long years. They've finally convinced their parents to come to Derek's apartment for dinner, they have everything planned perfectly, but of course, nothing ever is perfect! Derek's terribly rude landlord, Karen, comes and blows everything by convincing his parents that all Derek is after is money for his mountain of bills that he's not been paying. His parents leave mad, and Abigail is uncertain of his motives as well. When Karen is killed within a very short period of time, things don't look good for Derek, especially considering his Jeep is seen there by someone and he found Karen but didn't tell anyone. This book is a wild ride as Abigail tries to prove to the police, herself, and her parents that there is no way Derek would ever kill anyone.

How to Train Your Dragon

I thought that maybe I would read these books because the movie was so good. Usually the books are better than the movie, but this book was not. I'm not sure where the story for the movie came from, but it was way better than the story in the book. The book has basically the same characters as the movie, Hiccup, Stoic, and the other boy characters are all there, there really aren't any girls mentioned in the book. Maybe that's because it's supposed to be written by Hiccup. He and the other boys around his age are in training. They are supposed to steal a dragon from Dragon mountain and train it to do the things they ask. Things such as fishing. I didn't love this book, but it was pretty cool how it looked like it was Hiccup's notebook.

Wuthering Heights

I love books like Pride and Prejudice, that's one of my very favorite books EVER. So, I was way excited when I found this book at Powell's on our Portland trip last month. I was finally able to read it this week. The first chapter was really slow for me, but after that I had a hard time wanting to stop reading. I've been wondering if you're actually supposed to like Catherine and Heathcliff or not, although I did like Catherine's daughter, Cathy. I really didn't like either of them and normally you are supposed to like the main characters. Anyway, this story is told from a third party view, so you don't really know what either Catherine or Heathcliff are thinking or feeling. Catherine and Heathcliff grow up together as playmates, Catherine loves Heathcliff, but never tells them. Their lives are not cosmically aligned and Catherine marries Mr Linton while Heathcliff is away. Of course, Heathcliff hates Linton and has to get back at him by marrying h…

Promise Me

I'm not sure this was my favorite book of Richard Paul Evans, like it says on the commercial, but it was a pretty good one. I enjoyed it, I actually read the whole thing yesterday. His books are kind of a smaller size than normal books, and there's always extra pages between the chapters, so that makes reading them easy and quick! This book is about Beth and her family, her husband Mark and daughter, Charlotte. Charlotte is sick and no one knows why, at first they think it's just the flu, but it goes on and on and never gets better. Beth works at the dry cleaners and she finds a note to her husband from another woman in his clothes pocket, so she does what any sane woman would do, she kicks him out. But, she needs help with Charlotte, especially while she's sick and Beth has to keep working at the dry cleaner. She invites Mark back, but little do they know that he's sick too. He dies from cancer within just a few months. A few months later she meets the ha…

Finding Mercie

This book opens with Hector Lopez finding a little girl in a parking lot. She's bleeding and she's moaning and crying. She's not conscious and he runs her to a clinic to be looked at by a doctor. Hector is an older man with a 17 year old son named Raul, Hector has been cautioned by his doctor not to over exert himself, but we don't know why. The police come to visit him to get his side of the story, but since he's Hispanic, and they feel that he's lying to them about something he soon becomes the prime suspect in the little girl's injuries. One of the policemen has a very irrational prejudice against Hispanic people. I liked this book, it was kind of a mystery, trying to figure out what happened to the little girl, who she is, where her family is, and what Hector is lying about.

Lipstick Wars

This was such a great book. It reminds me that I still haven't watched President Monson's talk from women's conference about judging each other. This book has the same message, you never know what's going on in another woman's life, so you shouldn't be judging what you can see on the outside. The book starts off with Eden being driven home by the police. What did she do? She chased her young son, Hayden, who was naked down the road wearing only a towel. Why? Well....Hayden in an escape artist. Her husband Josh was supposed to be watching him while Eden was getting herself ready for church. Too funny! Of course, her awful neighbor called the police on them, again! So the police have to turn the matter over to social services. This is the 3rd time the neighbor has called the police because Hayden has escaped. Then there's Cath, Eden thinks she's perfect and put together, but we soon find out oh so differently! I really enjoyed this book. I pro…

The Seventeen Second Miracle

Jason Wright is one of my very favorite authors. His characters seem so real, you feel as though you know them, and I always care enough about them that I cry in the end. This was one of those kinds of books. 17 seconds can change a life, that was the lesson that Cole's dad, Rex taught him as a child. So you need to take those 17 seconds and do good things for people. Cole has a class that he invites the local high school principal to choose students for. He never knows why the students are there, the students don't either for that matter. This particular year there are three, wheel chair bound Travis, Kendra and Miles. Miles and Kendra are dating. I loved the lessons that these three teenagers learn in 17 second spurts. Such a great book!

Abraham Enigma

I really enjoyed this book, I read it in about a day, because I didn't want to put it down, I do have a small caution though, it's a sequel so make sure to read The Moroni Code first. David and April are newlyweds just starting on their honeymoon when David is called by his boss to go to Egypt for a new job assignment. Little does he know that both of their lives will be in danger almost as soon as their plane touches down in the hot, hot land of Egypt. This book is full of double agents and betrayals by those who are supposed to be the most trusted of friends. I really enjoyed it!

Pieces of Paris

I had a really hard time getting into this book, I've usually enjoyed G G Vandagriff's books, but for some reason this one was harder. This is the story of Annalisse and Dennis, they seem to be happily married, but Annalisse has a secret. This secret is consuming her, she knows she should have told Dennis about her past when she married him, but she didn't and it's 4 years later. They have a son, Jordan, and a daughter on the way. Annalisse is having flashbacks that make her act differently than she normally would, will her secret break apart her marriage or will Dennis and Annalisse be able to draw closer together? I'm not sure whether I really recommend this book or not. It seemed really disjointed with Annalisse's flashbacks and Dennis's lawyer experiences, I did like the story, it just seemed really hard to get into.

Anastasia's Secret

This is the second book about the Romanov family I have read in the last month. I enjoyed this book. It starts when Anastasia is 13. It describes what happened to the family when she was younger, and then imprisoned and ultimately murdered. The author weaved a love story into for Anastasia, which I thought was sweet, there probably was someone that she cared about. What 13 year-old girl doesn't have a crush on somebody?? I was kind of amazed at the things that happened to this family. They were basically imprisoned in their own home with all of their comforts, running water, warm water at one point, electricity, and even leaving the house taken away from them by soldiers and people that would have them killed. So sad, Anastasia was only 17 years old when her family was killed.

Dead on Arrival

This was the second Shandra Covington mystery. I enjoyed reading this one again as well. It starts as Shandra is hard at work finishing her article. She looks up and there is a small man who says that his wife is trying to kill him. He discloses that his wife is dead, and also that he himself is dead as well. It is kind of a crazy beginning for a wild ride that takes Shandra all over the Salt Lake valley before finally ending at Memory Grove with a surprise twist! This was a fun book! I would like to read any other Shandra Covington books!

House of Secrets

So after reading the new Shandra Covington mystery a couple of weeks ago, I had to go back and reread the older ones. I did remember reading this book once I started and I enjoyed it just as much this time. Shandra is a reporter with the Deseret News. Her dad left their family when she was 7 and her mom died when she was 10. As the story begins her Grandma, Gam, who raised her has just died and left her the house that she raised Shandra's mother in. The house has been completely empty for 20 years, so Shandra is surprised to see that the house was exactly the same way she remembered her Gam living. Well, except for the dead body in her bedroom upstairs. This book is a wild ride! I loved all the twists and turns the plot took. I would definitely recommend reading the books in order!

Safe Haven

This is another book by Nicholas Sparks. I usually like his stories, even if I don't love the words he always chooses. This one was a really good story, but again he could have chosen better words. This story is about Katie, she has moved to a small town in North Carolina. Katie has a secret. She is always looking over her shoulder, afraid that her past is going to catch up with her. This is an abuse story. I enjoyed it, but it's not for everyone.

Reluctant Soldier, Reluctant Saint

This was a fun, easy read. I read the whole book yesterday after I finished the newest Tennis Shoes book! This is a story about James, it opens as he's emigrating from Ireland to America. He is robbed of everything he'd worked so hard to bring with him from Ireland by some boys, and tries to find a job in New York City. Unfortunately no one will hire him, he's seen as another uneducated Irishman, when just the opposite is true. He's very educated and his favorite thing to do is to read. Since he can't find work, he's essentially forced to join the army just so he can eat. He soon finds out that the army will be headed west to Utah to put down a supposed rebellion. I really enjoyed the way this book was written. It was kind of fun to see the point of view of the army instead of just the Mormon settlers point of view on this one!