The Red Pyramid

This book is by the author of the Percy Jackson series, it was just as good as the Percy Jackson books, in fact, my 9 year-old daughter has been begging me to finish this book since I started reading it on Friday, she thinks it's her turn! This is a new series about Carter and Sadie Kane. Their mom had died several years before the opening of this story, leaving Carter and their dad alone, and Sadie living with her grandparents in England. Sadie's dad was able to visit with her just 2 times a year, and it was Christmas Eve, his visitation day as this story opens. He takes them to a museum and blows himself and the Rosetta stone up. The kids are terrified, left alone with the police accusing them of blowing up a very old artifact. Their Uncle Amos that neither of them remembered meeting shows up to take them to Brooklyn, but he quickly disappears and the kids learn the truth about themselves from his library, but will they ever see him or their father again. This was a really fun book with lots of Egyptian myths and gods thrown in. I really enjoyed it!