Welcome to Stalk Lake City

This is one of my favorites! I have had the original book (on the right) for several years, I got the rewrite (on the left) just a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't so sure about my favorite series getting rewritten, but I have to admit I LOVED the rewrite. This series is about Rhea, she's a 25 year-old private investigator. Well, in this book, she's trying to get away from being a private investigator because she can't see how it fits into her new life as a Mormon. Rhea's best friend Kay thinks that she's going psycho. Her cute neighbor, who's helping her with her house isn't sure what to think, and Rhea's just worried that someone in her new life is going to find out what she used to do for a living. Hopefully that someone isn't her new boyfriend, who just thinks she's a freelance photographer. Of course, Rhea always gets herself into scrapes and scary spots, so there's never a dull moment. I highly recommend this whole series. I can't wait for the next two rewrites, City Limits (October '10) and Kay'sville (December '10.)