SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read Catching Fire you may not want to read this review. The last thing we knew about in Catching Fire was that District 12 was no more, bombed to nothing by the Capitol. This book starts with Katniss, her family, Gale and Haymitch in District 13 wondering what happened to Peeta. No one knows whether he's even alive, and Katniss feels that the whole mess is her fault. She is still not normal after the Quarter Quell, she's kind of going through the motions of life without really feeling everything. President Coin and the leaders of District 13 want to make Katniss the face of the Rebel movement, The Mockingjay, but she's not sure that she's ready for that, or what it might mean for those she loves, especially Peeta. She's got to decide whether to fight against the Capitol for her life and those she loves, or to just kind of go with the flow. I LOVED this series, I'm sad this was the last one. I'm going to miss Katniss!