Letters for Emily

There's been too much playing and not enough reading lately, so I won't be posting every single day for awhile, maybe once school and pre-school are going again, I'll have more time! This book was recommended to me by my awesome father-in-law. I was surprised he'd read it, but he really liked it. I also liked it, it was a cute story. This book is about a grandpa named Harry, he knows that he's got Alzheimers and that he's either going to die soon, or not be able to remember anything. He has a granddaughter named Emily that he loves so much, she is his favorite grandchild. So, hoping that she won't forget him he writes her a series of letters. He dies, and her parents, Laura and Bob, find these poems, in every poem they find a message to unlock the letter that Harry wrote for Emily. Along the way, they are able to unlock Harry's love for them and their love for each other.