Key Lime Pie

I have really enjoyed these culinary mysteries by Josi Kilpack! I think her character Sadie Hoffmiller is hilarious. Sadie is an older widow and she always is in some kind of trouble, in the last book she was given community service for getting in the way of the police officers who were trying to investigate a murder. And of course, she always makes yummy food - the recipes are included in the book, so cool! This book finds Sadie finishing her community service with her friend, Eric, of course Eric wants more than just a friendship with Sadie, but Sadie's confused. She already has a boyfriend, police officer Pete Cunningham. When Eric gets a call from Florida police saying they may have found his daughter Meghan's body she must decide whether to stay in sleepy Colorado or follow Eric to busy Florida. This was a fun book, I have tried to read national best seller list culinary mysteries before, but I can never finish them, they are always full of profanity or blasphemy, but these are clean and fun books, you don't have to worry about your children reading over your shoulder!