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Key Lime Pie

I have really enjoyed these culinary mysteries by Josi Kilpack! I think her character Sadie Hoffmiller is hilarious. Sadie is an older widow and she always is in some kind of trouble, in the last book she was given community service for getting in the way of the police officers who were trying to investigate a murder. And of course, she always makes yummy food - the recipes are included in the book, so cool! This book finds Sadie finishing her community service with her friend, Eric, of course Eric wants more than just a friendship with Sadie, but Sadie's confused. She already has a boyfriend, police officer Pete Cunningham. When Eric gets a call from Florida police saying they may have found his daughter Meghan's body she must decide whether to stay in sleepy Colorado or follow Eric to busy Florida. This was a fun book, I have tried to read national best seller list culinary mysteries before, but I can never finish them, they are always full of profanity or blasphemy, b…


SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read Catching Fire you may not want to read this review. The last thing we knew about in Catching Fire was that District 12 was no more, bombed to nothing by the Capitol. This book starts with Katniss, her family, Gale and Haymitch in District 13 wondering what happened to Peeta. No one knows whether he's even alive, and Katniss feels that the whole mess is her fault. She is still not normal after the Quarter Quell, she's kind of going through the motions of life without really feeling everything. President Coin and the leaders of District 13 want to make Katniss the face of the Rebel movement, The Mockingjay, but she's not sure that she's ready for that, or what it might mean for those she loves, especially Peeta. She's got to decide whether to fight against the Capitol for her life and those she loves, or to just kind of go with the flow. I LOVED this series, I'm sad this was the last one. I'm going to miss Katnis…

New Moon

Oh come on! What did you expect. Of course I had to reread this one next, it goes in order of course! I'm hoping to be able to read Mockingjay tomorrow, but I'll have to see whether I can get it from the library or not tomorrow. I love this series, these are some of my all time favorite books. In this book, Bella is turning 18, but she doesn't want to, because that makes her older than Edward. What she doesn't know is that, because of a situation at her birthday party, Edward is about to tell her goodbye for an extended period of time. She isn't sure if he's ever coming back, he tells her that he's not, so she tries to find ways to cope. One of those ways is by spending time with her good friend, Jacob Black. If you haven't read these books, you should. They are some seriously good literature!


So, I have temporarily run out of new books to read. That means that I have to read some of my own books. This is one of my favorites. I hadn't read it for a while, because I lent it to a friend and she had it forever! I love how when I read these books I always notice something new. I've read them several times and they never get old to me. This book is about Bella, she moves in with her dad, Charlie, to give her mom, Renae, a little space with her new husband. Charlie lives in Forks, a cold, cloudy, rainy place. Bella goes to her new school and makes new friends, one of which is Edward, a vampire! This is the story of what seems like an impossibility, but I LOVE the story! The book is way better than the movie, in case you were wondering!

Welcome to Stalk Lake City

This is one of my favorites! I have had the original book (on the right) for several years, I got the rewrite (on the left) just a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't so sure about my favorite series getting rewritten, but I have to admit I LOVED the rewrite. This series is about Rhea, she's a 25 year-old private investigator. Well, in this book, she's trying to get away from being a private investigator because she can't see how it fits into her new life as a Mormon. Rhea's best friend Kay thinks that she's going psycho. Her cute neighbor, who's helping her with her house isn't sure what to think, and Rhea's just worried that someone in her new life is going to find out what she used to do for a living. Hopefully that someone isn't her new boyfriend, who just thinks she's a freelance photographer. Of course, Rhea always gets herself into scrapes and scary spots, so there's never a dull moment. I highly recommend this whole series. I…


I enjoyed this book, it's the sequel to The Ball's in Her Court. I got to know Lily and John in the first book. I had questioned Lily's sanity, because John was kind of a jerk, and this book pretty much proved that he was a jerk, but it was nice to know what happened to Lily. The story opens with a very pregnant Lily showing up at her house and finding it filled with FBI agents. She and her little boy are removed from the house and don't really know what's happening or why. She has to figure out what happened with her husband, and if they can fix their marriage. And if not, she has to figure out how to support her kids and keep herself together for them. As she figures all of her questions out, she grows herself. I really liked this book, it was a fun easy read!

Letters for Emily

There's been too much playing and not enough reading lately, so I won't be posting every single day for awhile, maybe once school and pre-school are going again, I'll have more time! This book was recommended to me by my awesome father-in-law. I was surprised he'd read it, but he really liked it. I also liked it, it was a cute story. This book is about a grandpa named Harry, he knows that he's got Alzheimers and that he's either going to die soon, or not be able to remember anything. He has a granddaughter named Emily that he loves so much, she is his favorite grandchild. So, hoping that she won't forget him he writes her a series of letters. He dies, and her parents, Laura and Bob, find these poems, in every poem they find a message to unlock the letter that Harry wrote for Emily. Along the way, they are able to unlock Harry's love for them and their love for each other.

Maid to Match

If you're looking for a good, clean, romantic read, then Deeanne Gist is the author for you! Her books are always fun, humorous and very romantic. I really enjoyed this one. It's about a maid named Tillie, she works on the prestigious Biltmore Estate as a Parlor Maid, but she's up for the even more prestigious Ladies Maid position. She doesn't plan to marry ever, she'd far rather be a beautiful lady's maid and travel the world. But then she meets Mack. He's a rugged mountain man, did I mention handsome mountain man, who she's asked to help get ready to be a footman. Can she stand to teach him manners, and how to be a servant when she's very attracted to him or will she have to give up her dream of being a Ladies Maid??!!

The Last Olympian

We finally did it! We finished the Percy Jackson series :((!So sad! This was an awesome book, with a great ending. I really enjoyed the whole series, but there are more of Rick Riordan's books to look forward to, The Heroes, The Red Pyramid, can't wait! This book finds Percy and his friends from Camp Half-Blood preparing for the final showdown with Kronos. Everyone has a part to play, the only problem is that the Gods are elsewhere dealing with other problems and they don't see Kronos as a problem. So, Percy and his friends have to take care of Kronos on their own. Are they any match for Kronos? Will they be able to save the world? You'll have to read it to find out!

Alma the Younger

I enjoyed the book. It's about Alma the Younger and the 4 sons of Mosiah from the Book of Mormon. If you've read the Book of Mormon, you'll remember that these young men were not following the commandments like they were supposed to be, they were leading the rest of the Nephites astray. So, they were visited by an angel and told to repent. Heather Moore has taken that story, infused some imagination and made a great book! She has come up with some ideas of how she thinks Alma the Younger could have been leading the people astray, and how his parents felt. Obviously, we don't know what certain people's names were, like Alma's wife and daughters, but I really liked how this book was written, it brought the scriptures to life for me in a whole different way!

The Sixty-Eight Rooms

This book was written for kids, probably somewhere between 3rd and 6th grades. It's exactly the kind of book that I would have LOVED as a child. It's about the Thorne Rooms. They are kind of like dollhouses, but they are patterned after real peoples rooms. They are real, I thought that was so cool. This book really brings out your imagination! Ruthie and Jack are on a field trip to the museum when they find a key, little do they know that this key is magical. With this key Ruthie is able to shrink down to 5 inches and go inside the Thorne Rooms. I really enjoyed this book, I know it was written for a younger audience, but Ruthie being able to explore these small rooms really started my imagination going, and of course, my fourth grader LOVED it!!

Hometown Girl

This is the second book of the Butterfly Girls series. I waited for this book for what seemed like FOREVER, but it was worth the wait. This book is about a group of friends, they have been friends since high school, this book is focused on Jocelyn. In the first book you know that she has a secret, but not what it is, in this book the secret is revealed. Jocelyn has grown bored with her routine life in St. George, her friends convince her that she should move into her Grandma's vacant house in Milford Falls. The house is falling apart, but she meets someone to help her put it back together, in the process maybe she can get her life put back together. I really enjoyed this book, I can't wait for the next one. Hopefully I won't have to wait FOREVER again!

Princess of Glass

I really enjoyed this retelling of the Cinderella story. This is kind of a sequel to Princess of the Midnight Ball which is the story of the 12 dancing princesses. This book is about Princess Poppy, she has been sent by her father to visit some cousins in a neighboring kingdom to better their kingdoms political alliances. She meets some interesting people, namely Prince Christian who convince her that it's okay to dance again, she hasn't wanted to dance since she and her sisters escaped from the wicked King Under Stone. This was a fun retelling of a popular fairy tale, and I highly recommend it!

Battle of the Labyrinth

This was an exciting book. Percy has to start at a new school, yet again. He goes for orientation hoping that nothing bad will happen this year, so that he can keep attending the same school for once, but of course, things quickly go crazy. He meets some crazy cheerleaders who try to eat him and nearly blows up the whole school before he can escape. This is a really fun series, I totally recommend it, and not just for kids!

Chords of Strength

I really enjoyed this book! It's about David Archuleta, obviously, but I wasn't sure about reading it at first. He's really not very old, so I wasn't sure exactly what would be in it, but I was pleasantly surprised! He talks about all kinds of things, growing up, his family, his religion, his favorite music and of course, American Idol. It really seems amazing that he can sing at all, he has a paralyzed vocal chord, but he has overcome that challenge, along with many others through his faith. This is a great story of overcoming challenges, and his story of American Idol is pretty great too!


This book was a fun mystery. There was a little girl kidnapped in small town Rexburg, Idaho, Stacie had searched for her with one of the search parties, but with no luck. Now Stacie is on a choir tour with the BYU-Idaho choir in Canada, and she sees the little girl at one of her performances. She and her friends try to find her, with the Canadian police never really believing her story. I liked this book, I did find especially the beginning kind of confusing, but it was a fun book!