The Sea of Monsters

I read this book a while ago, but it got mixed in with the rest of my family pics, oops! I have really been enjoying this series by Rick Riordan. Percy thinks he's a normal kid until he's about 12 when he finds out that he's really a Hero, a half-blood. His dad was Poseidon and his mom was, well.... just his mom. All of a sudden he's faced with all kinds of monsters who want to kill him just for fun, plus there seems to be someone trying to kill all of the Heroes, but no one knows just who it is. In this adventure Percy and his friend Annabeth must sail on the Sea of Monsters to save their camp, but will they make it before Luke and the bad guys?? These books are so fun, my almost 4th grader loves them. She's hounding me to hurry up and finish the fourth one!