The Golden Spiral

This is the second book in this series by Lisa Mangum. In the last book, The Hourglass Door, we met Abby, Dante, Justin, Natalie, Valerie, Zo, Tony, and V. They all seemed like normal teenagers, only they weren't. Dante, Zo, Tony and V are time travelers who were sent away from their time for crimes that they supposedly committed. In this book Dante has gone back through the door to stop Zo, Tony and V from messing with time. Abby is all ready to graduate and start college, but then things start to change. Justin who broke up with Abby in the last book all of a sudden thinks that they never broke up. The college Abby was accepted by decides that she was rejected and many other things. Abby's present keeps changing on her. She must find a way to stop Zo and find Dante before everything changes for the worst. This was an exciting book, I really enjoyed it. You definitely need to read The Hourglass Door first, or it will make no sense, but that one is worth reading too!