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Between the Lines

This was a great mystery story. I really liked that it was about two journalists, Sydney who lived in San Francisco and Justin who lived in Salt Lake City. Justin received a letter from his best friend, one day after he was killed in an apparent robbery. This letter warned him about a prominent Utah politician. Sidney was supposed to meet up with this same person, who was going to be a source for one of her stories, but he never showed up. They have to decipher all the clues that were left both by the friend and by the politician, before they themselves are killed. I really loved the mystery of this book. I love to read mysteries and try to figure out who did what, this book kept me guessing!

Taming the Wind

I was amazed at this book. This is the story of Claire, she has it all, a great family, great friends and soccer. But all those things are taken from her when her family has a horrific car accident. She wakes up in the hospital with an older lady that she doesn't know. It was her mom's mother, who she had never known as a grandmother. The rest of her family had died in the car accident, so Claire must learn to live with the fact that she was the only survivor and learn to move on with her life with grandparents that she had never known in a new state. I really enjoyed this book, I was really amazed at the accident and the way Michelle Thompson showed how Claire was moving on with her life.

Secret Sisters

This was a fun quick read, I really enjoyed it. Ida Mae is the Relief Society President in her ward, the Bishop of the ward is under quite a bit of stress and his blood pressure has a problem, so the Presidency decides that they can take care of whatever problems come up. Hey! What can happen?? Well, it seems that plenty happens, they decide to plant a video camera in one families kitchen, and pretty soon, they decide they've found a crime, but no one in the police department will believe them. Of course, they have to solve the case themselves then, that, of course leads to all sorts of problems. Will they be able to find out who is committing crimes, or will they be the ones punished for crimes? You'll have to read this one to find out!

The Golden Spiral

This is the second book in this series by Lisa Mangum. In the last book, The Hourglass Door, we met Abby, Dante, Justin, Natalie, Valerie, Zo, Tony, and V. They all seemed like normal teenagers, only they weren't. Dante, Zo, Tony and V are time travelers who were sent away from their time for crimes that they supposedly committed. In this book Dante has gone back through the door to stop Zo, Tony and V from messing with time. Abby is all ready to graduate and start college, but then things start to change. Justin who broke up with Abby in the last book all of a sudden thinks that they never broke up. The college Abby was accepted by decides that she was rejected and many other things. Abby's present keeps changing on her. She must find a way to stop Zo and find Dante before everything changes for the worst. This was an exciting book, I really enjoyed it. You definitely need to read The Hourglass Door first, or it will make no sense, but that one is worth reading too…

Turning Hearts

This is the story of Amanda. She's engaged to marry Jake, but something is not right, Amanda has always had this dream about going on a mission, she's always felt that she's the only one that can reach... well someone. So, she calls off her engagement and goes on a mission. Of course she thought that it would be easy for her, since she's supposed to go on a mission, but like all things in life, it's not easy. She has a hard time talking to people about her testimony at first, but of course she grows. This was a good, fun book to read, I really enjoyed reading it!

Summer in Paris

This was a really fun book. It's about Kenzie, she had lived her whole life in New York City. One day she comes home from being with her friends to her parents telling her that they've lost all their money, their home, their nice cars and that she has to move to Paris with her uncle. She thought that was a great idea, until she realizes that her uncle lives in Paris, Idaho. Kenzie grows as she learns about this small, rural town and how things work around her uncle's house. This was an easy read, and a really fun and funny book, I highly recommend it!

The Help

I can not recommend this book. I didn't like it at all. I know that it's really popular right now, and everyone who talks about it loves it, but I didn't. I really had a hard time getting into the story. It jumped all over between characters, and I felt like I was just barely getting to "know" the characters, when all of a sudden it would jump to a new character. I also didn't like the Deity references. I know that is how some people talk, but I don't appreciate it. I only read about 90 or so pages, but I had better things to read and do.

The Titan's Curse

This is the 3rd Percy Jackson books. It was great! I have really enjoyed these books, and my almost 4th grader loves them. She reads them amazingly quickly. In this book Annabeth and Artemis disappear and Percy and Artemis's huntresses must find them both, before they both die. It's an exciting book, I can't wait until they do the movies for these!

The Sea of Monsters

I read this book a while ago, but it got mixed in with the rest of my family pics, oops! I have really been enjoying this series by Rick Riordan. Percy thinks he's a normal kid until he's about 12 when he finds out that he's really a Hero, a half-blood. His dad was Poseidon and his mom was, well.... just his mom. All of a sudden he's faced with all kinds of monsters who want to kill him just for fun, plus there seems to be someone trying to kill all of the Heroes, but no one knows just who it is. In this adventure Percy and his friend Annabeth must sail on the Sea of Monsters to save their camp, but will they make it before Luke and the bad guys?? These books are so fun, my almost 4th grader loves them. She's hounding me to hurry up and finish the fourth one!

The Princess and the Snowbird

This is the 3rd Princess book by Mette Harrison. These books are based on folk tales about animals. The first one is the Princess and the Hound and the second is the Princess and the bear, the characters are kids and grand kids of the older books, so you probably want to read them in order. I've really enjoyed these books. Princess subjects for books seems to be a popular thing right now. This is the story of Liva and Jens. Liva is the daughter of the bear and the hound. She is filled with magic. Jens is the son of a magic taker who seems to be ashamed of him, because he can neither hold magic or take it. It seems unlikely these two characters will ever meet or have anything in common if the do, but there are twists and turns and plenty of action in this fun book!

Disney's Storybook Collection

If you can't tell, this is a book that I read with my 4 year-old. I borrowed this one from the library, but we have a couple of these. This had basic stories of the Princesses, Jungle Book, Lion King, Bambi and many others. The stories were cute, our child sometimes get scared by some of these kind of stories, but there wasn't really a problem with these. It was a very cute book, and fun to read together.

The Remarkable Soul of a Woman

This is a beautiful little book. It's under 50 pages. This is the talk that President Uchtdorf gave at the Relief Society General meeting a couple of years ago. It's got beautiful pictures, some of them full pages, and quotes from his talk about women. I really enjoyed reading it, I was able to read this whole book in under an hour. As a side note, my family and I saw President Uchtdorf and his wife Harriet at Costco not all that long ago. My husband turned around to see if it was really him and President Uchtdorf waved. It was really cool!

The Choice

This is the story of Travis and Gabby. Travis is a vet and Gabby works in a pediatricians office. She also has a boyfriend that she wishes would ask her to marry him. They are neighbors, who for some reason didn't get off to a good start, but that all changes as Gabby gets to know Travis. I enjoyed this book, it starts out with you thinking that Travis and Gabby have had some kind of a fight, but at the end you learn the real story and what The Choice has to do with anything!

Fun With the Family - Utah

I picked up this book for my husbands birthday last month. It has all kinds of fun ideas for things to do with your kids. It shows you about how much you can expect to spend for activities, where things are located, it even has a few reviews of how the author's kids liked certain things. I enjoyed reading it, I learned new things about the state that we live in, and got some new ideas of things to do!

Deadly Treasure

I won this book in a giveaway contest, so that was really neat. I saw the author on Studio 5, and I thought that this would be a really neat book to read. This is the story of Lexi, a college student whose grandfather has just died, leaving a mystery of their ancestors. Where is the lost mine. It seems the closer Lexi gets to solving the mystery, the more dangerous things get for her, her tires are slashed, a scary stranger keeps following her, and someone breaks into her home. Lexi and her friend Brad must find out what's going on before someone gets hurt. I really enjoyed this book. It was a fun story mixed with a bit of romance, and lots of twists and turns!

The Keys of the Kingdom

This is the fourth book in the Standing in Holy Places series. This series follows North's, Daltons, and Browns through the time right before the Savior comes to earth again. Most of those who read the Bible will know that there are many prophesies about how scary those times will be for those on the earth at that time. I like how Chad Daybell says in his introduction to these books that he doesn't really know what will happen or how it will happen, nor does anyone on the earth, but that these books are a work of fiction. This was a fun book to read, it was a really easy book to read and I enjoyed it!

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

The Twilight books by Stephanie Meyer are some of my favorite books ever, so of course I had to read this one that fits into the Eclipse story. I had it on hold at the library, but I was able to read it faster thanks to my awesome sis-in-law! I really enjoyed reading this book, I liked the additional insight it gives you into the whole story of the Twilight newborn vampires. I was able to read it fairly quickly as it's pretty short and easy reading. It's about Bree the newborn vampire from the Twilight books. You get to see what it's like to be a newborn through her eyes, you miss that through Bella's because she escapes being a newborn somehow!
I read so many books that my husband says we can't buy books for me. If we did there would be no room left at our house, so if you can't tell I borrow a lot of books from the library. This one has been read more times than it probably should have, as evidenced by the cover, but oh well. This book is about Miles and his son Jonah. Miles' wife Missy was killed in a hit and run accident 2 years before the opening of the story. Miles is starting to move on with his life, even though it's hard and he still misses her. He meets Jonah's new teacher, Sarah, but there is a secret that neither of them knew, will they overcome it, or not? I finished this book, but it really wasn't one of my favorites. If you like Nicholas Sparks' other books, you'll probably like this one!

Women of the Book of Mormon

I really enjoyed this book. It seems as though there aren't that many women talked about in the Scriptures. Heather Moore has done a lot of research on the lives of Nephi and Lehi and their families, so she had a lot of insights on Sariah and even Mary. It's a beautiful book with lots of illustrations, like the one on the cover (Mary). I found it to be an easy read, I read it one Sunday afternoon. I would highly recommend it.

Escape to Zion

This was a book about a girl named Maria, she had come to America from Germany with her parents when she was small, but her parents died on the way. When she arrived in America, she was sold as a slave to pay for her passage. She was sold to some good people who were willing to give her her freedom, but something went terribly wrong and she was sold to an awful man who refused to give her freedom. She escaped and while trying to get away ended up in a mighty river. I really enjoyed this book. I liked the fact that while not entirely true, it was based upon true stories of slaves from that time period. I was not sure however that I loved the ending, it was kind of a sad ending for me!
I enjoyed this book. I don't always recommend his books, sometimes it seems as though they cross the lines. This book is the sequel to The Notebook, which I actually haven't read yet, but it was recommended by my friend, so I borrowed it from the library. I didn't realize it was a sequel until I started reading it, oh well, add The Notebook to my list of books to read! This book is about Wilson and Jane. Wilson really messes up and forgets their anniversary and he realizes that Jane doesn't love him anymore. He has to come up with a plan to make her fall in love with him again. Their daughter decides that she is going to get married very quickly and they spend time putting her wedding together. I really loved the ending of this book!

City of Angels

This book is kind of a rewrite of Sheralyn Pratt's first book, Spies Lies and a Pair of Ties. It's a book about Rhea, she's one of the best private investigators in L.A. She's given a case where it seems that the answer is pretty cut and dried, but she doesn't believe that it's as easy as it seems, so she goes digging, and sure enough things are not always what they seem. Both of these are really fun books, the newer one is similar enough, while also having a lot of fun new parts. I was actually able to go to a release party for this book, and Sheralyn Pratt was really cool, and nice.